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solid gold kitten food

Solid Gold Kitten Food Lamb and Brown Rice

Solid Gold Dry Cat

It really is a natural pet food vet recommended Solid Gold Kitten Food type with high quality. That lamb as well as brown rice mixture provides all the necessary nutrients as well as an amount of protein (34%). Cats benefit from either the wide spectrum of essential nutrients with 20 superfoods mixed through one formula, to just not include a good number of digestive fibres. 

Skulled grain with brown rice render them chips more nutritional and have improved immune function including fibers with vitamins B. That explanation behind Solid Gold would be that the label has no soy and chemical artificial sweeteners and one of the most organic Solid Gold Kitten Food products. The whole recipe is typically ideal for cats with either a mild operation both interior and exterior.


  • Provides the complete list of minerals and vitamins;
  • No soy or potato;
  • Densely packed protein is 34 percent.


  • The taste is different and not every cat loves it.

Description Form Solid Gold Kitten Food:

  • Product Type: Dry
  • Flavours: Lamb & Brown Rice.
  • 34 percent protein
  • Size: 380 kcal / tack.

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