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Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan TRUE Natural Adult Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan

That ProPlan pet vet recommended Purina Pro Plan cat food mixture has a perfect protein as well as carbohydrate blend, which makes it ideal for indoor cat meals every day. That natural formula includes organic chicken and pork, essential nutrients, folic acids, and taurines in their entirety. Around about the same period, protein by-products including wheat gluten have been used by the producer, but this is not with sensitive pets their best option. 

That is always highly suggested for this good or service? The whole formula being recommended by a doctor for animals that do not consume adequate moisture: the whole recipe promises natural digestion with either a moisture level of 82 percent. Purina delivers their finest selection including flavors because this is our latest degustation pet food – users will still find anything to satisfy the eater. The sweeteners including chemical flavors do not apply!


  • Big aroma variety;
  • Large levels of protein (11%) and humidity (82%);
  • Non-costly;
  • Choice for fewer carbs


  • Contains beef and wheat gluten whilst also-products;
  • Fibre deficiency (1.5%);

Description Form:

  • Food Type: Frozen
  • Protein: 11 percent
  • Calorie: 103 kcal per liter.
  • Savours: chicken & turquoise, chicken & tuna, beef & liver + 12 other flavors.

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